Dreaming .400: Tales of Baseball Redemption

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5 1/2x8 1/4, 184pp, pbk. pub 9/17/15. This extraordinary collection of stories introduces a unique new voice into the literary baseball scene. Dear baseball, have I told you how much I love you lately?
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ISBN 978-1-938545-64-1
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Like baseball itself, Dreaming .400 exists outside of time; past, present, and future emerge.  Its 11 short stories are a rally cheer for the magic of the game--in the seductive swing of a girl who turns tinsel into gold; in the passion of an orphan on a quest to reach the Astrodome; in a vision of the future in which players are made, not born.

Dreaming .400 spawns penpal love between friends that grows into poetry; it shrinks the gap between the head and heart of a Brewers' fan; provides an identity for a young man stuck in the shadows; inspires a vagabond's impossible dream of fulfillment between the white lines.

Steve Myers is part baseball nut, part poet.  His stories capture the elusive magic of the greatest game and lay it in our laps. Open the pack and smell the bubble gum and grass, see the beauty of a 6-4-3, recall that summer evening shagging flies until dark.

  1. Dear Reader
  2. Season of the Pitch
  3. To Be Frank
  4. Thunderheart and the New Addictions
  5. Make Me One with Everything
  6. Durgy's Home Stand
  7. Dreaming .400
  8. Close Encounter
  9. Ship Not Sinking
  10. Never Wears a Watch
  11. Running from the Shackles
  12. Expos Next Generation

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