Bitten by the Red Sox Baseball Bug

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The history of a lifelong member of Red Sox Nation and the team he loves, before and after The Curse. 6 x 9", 250pp, 30 photos
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Product Available Date: 2024-07-09
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Longtime diehard Red Sox fans did just that—DIE HARD—almost too many times to count over the decades until they finally won the World Series in 2004 after an incredible postseason run.

Red Sox scholar Bill Nowlin, a fan for nearly 50 years when Boston finally triumphed, endured many of those heartbreaks, and once the shock of the win wore off, Bill found that the essence of his relationship with his team had changed forever.

Twenty years have now passed since The Curse was broken, 20 years that have brought the Sox three more titles! A new generation of fan now populates Red Sox Nation, one annually filled with high expectations instead of a fatalistic dread of how their team is going to crash and burn.

Bitten by the Red Sox Baseball Bug is the history of a team and of a fan. Baseball lifer Bill Nowlin interweaves Boston’s highs and lows over the decades with his own extraordinary personal history—from childhood, the founding and development of the wildly successful Rounder Records, to his passionate commitment to the Society of American Baseball Research.

Bitten’s breezy team history, which covers from origin to the present, serves as a primer on one of baseball’s most storied and beloved franchises. Bill’s unparalleled knowledge of the Red Sox enriches the narrative immensely, and his deep devotion to the team enhances the history in ways that are unique to Bill’s experience while universal to every fan who loves their team.

  • 1. Birth of a Red Sox Fan
  • 2. Dawn of the Red Sox and Early Glory
  • 3. Two Dark Decades and the Arrival of "The Kid"
  • 4. The Impossible Dream and a World of Possibilities
  • 5. Postseason Pain Tempered by Accomplishment at Rounder Records
  • 6. Entrenched in the October Losing Habit
  • 7. Writing About the Red Sox and the Deepening Curse
  • 8. No Better Way to Break a Curse
  • 9. Dejection Is Replaced by...Expectation?
  • 10. Another Decade and Two More Titles
  • 11. More Writing About the Red Sox
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Notes
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