My 30 Ballpark Summer: A Journey Through Baseball's Generations

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6 x 9", 200pp, pbk. pub 11/21/15. At age 78, Tobey Shiverick went to a game at all 30 major league ballparks. The resulting book is part ballpark critique for seniors, part primer for the baseball traveler, and part memoir whose love for the game spans from Ebbets to Target Field.
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When Tobey Shiverick turned 78, he gave himself the gift of fulfilling a lifelong dream: To see a game at every major league stadium in one season.  Five months, 34,000 miles, a cycle and a steal of home later, Tobey's dream had come true.  He had taken an unforgettable trip across the country of baseball, and enjoyed the opportunity to grow his love of the game for himself, and through the generations of his family.

From planning an 18-flight itinerary, to negotiating upper deck stairs beer-in-hand, to comparing Dodger Stadium with Ebbet Field, to the joy of eating hot dogs with grandchildren, My 30 Ballpark Summer is at once highly personal, while still full of the enthusiasm and love for baseball shared by all lifelong fans.

Part travelog, part intimate baseball diary, part ballpark reference for seniors, My 30 Ballpark Summer shares what's best about baseball today, remembers some of what has been lost, and celebrates what will be great about the game forever.

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