Everything I Know I Learned from Baseball

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The best-selling collection of inspiring and wise life lessons drawn from the baseball and softball diamond, based on 9 cornerstones of success. Includes >40 quotes from well-known baseball personalities and others.
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Discipline, Courage, Preparation, Focus - many of the strengths and qualities that help achieve success in life are also critical to playing winning baseball.  In this unique collection of brief essays, valuable life lessons are drawn from the ballfield and applied to work, relationships, family, and all key aspects of our lives.

Author Philip Theibert has long known that the game of baseball is a lot like the game of life. Whether as batboy for the college team his father coached, to playing competitively as a young man, to coaching his own children, Philip has understood that if you master the right way to play the game, you will be well-equipped to conquer the greatest challenges in your life and thrive.

The book's 99 lessons are organized into the nine cornerstones for life success.  Insightful and entertaining baseball vignettes are supplemented by on-the-field anecdotes and quotes from baseball greats like Earl Weaver, Tommy LaSorda, Gary Carter, and many others for whom baseball is and was a way of life.

The winning lineup goes like this:












1. Attitude

2. Focus

3. Preparation

4. Character

5. Discipline

6. Courage

7. Cooperation

8. Independence

9. Growth


"It’s supposed to be hard – If it wasn’t hard everyone would do it - The hard is what makes it great." - Tom Hanks – A League of Their Own

WANT TO BE IN THE ACTION: If you are in the field praying they don’t hit the ball to you, what is going to happen when the ball comes at you? If you’re on deck hoping the inning will end, what will happen when the batter ahead of you reaches base? If you are afraid of the ball being hit to you, should you even be playing baseball?

Look at your own life. Are you hoping your boyfriend does not drop by? What does that tell you about the relationship? Are you hoping your boss does not give you a challenging assignment? What does that tell you about your career? Are you hoping that the teacher doesn’t assign any papers? What does that say about your academic strength?

If you do not want to be in the action, you’re either in the wrong game or need to take a hard look at yourself. Take control of your life. Don’t be intimidated. Stand close to the plate and get your swings in.


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