Tony C: The Triumph and Tragedy of Tony Conigliaro

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TONY C. Phenom, local hero, heart throb, nearly killed, comeback, heart attack, early death - The story of Tony Conigliaro defies belief, brings a tear, and makes us wonder - what if?
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TONY C, by Boston sportswriter David Cataneo, takes readers through the soaring heights and desperate lows of the iconic Red Sox player—from the "Ted Williams confidence" of his early years and heart-throbbing, record-breaking stardom, to the desperation, comebacks, and final ordeal. 

Conigliaro’s wild, off-the field life is also covered in depth – from his playboy adventures and pop star fame, to his confrontations with Carl Yastrzemski and Dick Williams, and failed attempt to make it as a pitcher.  The complicated personality of one Boston’s greatest baseball icons is revealed—the mix of brashness and insecurity—the intense nature and deep pride that were challenged to levels few are ever forced to endure.

How different things could have been for Tony C, for his family, for the Red Sox Nation, had he not been in the box that fateful night in August, 1967, had his cheekbone not been shattered, and with it, his dreams, his career, and ultimately his life.  But there he stood, and there he fell, and the story of the devastation from that pitch is one of the most dramatic and tragic in the annals of sport.



1. Bad News at the Doorstep

2. That Ted Williams Kind of Confidence

3. Mister Conigliaro

4. The Only Girl in the World

5. The Road to Wellsville

6. A Rookie Who Hugged the Plate

7. Young, Handsome, and Famous

8. Sister Ernestina with a Crew Cut

9. A Deafening Sound, a Sickening Sound

10. Hey, Tony, How's the Eye?

11. He Wasn't a Terrible Pitcher

12. The Poor Kid Couldn't See

13. Not as Perfect as Before

14. The World Championship of Karate

15. Shocked by the Trade

16. Old Friends Were Everywhere

17. A Part of the Family

18. Time to Go Home

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