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Summer Game Books’ Hollywood Connection

  • Written by Walter Friedman
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My30Ballpk FnlCvr6x9 0x300"Fenway Park,” by Lindsay FrostSGB is very fortunate to have paintings by Lindsay Frost gracing the covers of two of our titles. Soap opera fans and fans of television in general will recognize Lindsay’s name from her first big role in As the World Turns in the 1980s. Since that time she has appeared in dozens of shows and films.

I knew none of this when I came across her paintings one day while surfing for suitable cover art. All I knew was that this was a person who has a strong emotional connection to and understanding of baseball. It really came through her art.

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Introducing the 2016 Lineup

  • Written by Walter Friedman
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2016 is our third year of publishing quality baseball books. We’ve come a long way already, but even more exciting is all the great things ahead of us, not the least of which is our superb 2016 publication list.

Batting Leadoff – The Red Sox

Early April features new editions of two really strong titles, both with a Red Sox theme. The first is TONY C, an in-depth biography of Boston’s tragic hero, Tony Conigliaro, which blends Conig’s career as a ballplayer, with his rather active off-the-field social life (pop star, playboy, karate), and the tension between him and Sox icon Carl Yastrzemski.

Jump forward about 15 years to 1986 for Mike Sowell’s account of the 1986 post season, ONE STRIKE AWAY, in which the Red Sox joined the Mets, Astros, and Angels to battle it out in what is probably the most intense and dramatic playoffs and World Series in baseball history.

Campanis – Baseball is a Family Business

web BIB coverV3 1Early May will bring our first original title of the year, and it’s a beauty. BORN INTO BASEBALL, by Jim Campanis, Jr., is a collection of stories, reflections, and brief essays by a third-generation baseball man. There’s plenty of humor, an inside look at the hard life of a minor leaguer, and the pressures of living up to high family expectations.

When most fans hear the name “Campanis,” they think of only one thing – Al Campanis and Nightline. Jim Jr. was in the midst of launching his own career as a ballplayer when that disaster struck, and his life changed forever. But BORN INTO BASEBALL offers an entirely fresh perspective on that seminal event in the history of race relations in baseball, and its author shows us how good often comes from even the worst adversity, if we direct our energies towards hope and growth rather than becoming defensive or bitter.

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